There is a thread that unites the lives of our ancestors within a communally-felt sensitivity, represented by a natural vocation to combine work and social commitment, putting professional skills at the service of the community.

These individuals lived coherently, holding fast to the values they believed in and with a strictness that often led them to suffer the consequences of isolation and conflict with the power of the established order.



  • In the 1950s, Alberto Trabucchi took over from his mother, Maria Zamboni, in running the Company, founded in 1920 by his father, Marco.

    Prof. Alberto Trabucchi taught generations of law students and was a judge and lawyer at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, where he gave decisive personal impetus to the recognition of the direct effectiveness of Community law in Member States. He was also Mayor of Illasi for forty years, where, with great foresight, he successfully promoted the values of economic growth alongside protection of the natural environment.

    Even that far back in time, he understood that economic progress must not conflict with respect for nature and the protection of the region’s identifying natural elements which, in turn, lend character to the resident community.
    He was an architect and promoter of the application of the denominazione d’origine controllata (controlled denomination of origin) throughout the whole of Valpolicella, a measure that fostered greater appreciation and enhancement of Valpolicella wines, recognition that still continues today.

    This culture and sensitivity to social issues have become our Company’s most precious asset and today it is strengthened and enhanced by the commitment of Giuseppe and Raffaella, and all their co-workers and collaborators.

  • There is a story and a tradition that connects the Trabucchi Family in Illasi to the cultivation of the vine, to the love of nature, and to dedication to their fellow man. These values find confirmation in their life-long efforts and natural vocation to combine work and social commitment.

    Whether in the field of work, teaching, as administators in public office or in business activities, the Trabucchi Family has constantly directed intellectual activity towards the highest values, with constant focus on the good of the community.

    Therefore, in producing agricultural products, the family has always paid the utmost attention to safeguarding human health and preserving the health and beauty of the environment, using innovative techniques to successfully transfer all the soil’s beneficial substances to the grapes.

    This explains the decision to convert production to organic methods, for which the Company has been certified since 1993. Wine thereby encounters the body and becomes strength and vigour, in just the right balance.


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  • If it is impossible to separate wine from the land, and from the movement of the sun and the moon that influence the vine, it is equally impossible to separate it from man, and from the character of the individuals who take care of its production and transformation.

    And so it is with these wines, which bear the hallmark of the Trabucchi Family tradition and of all the impassioned people who work in our company every day.

    Our team of young people love to work in nature and with nature, because the lessons learnt every day from the land form the basis of tomorrow’s know-how, and because professionalism and technical knowledge are the brawn and brain that breathe new life into age-old traditions.

    Aristide Piovan coordinates work in the winery, while Matteo Merzari manages activities in the vineyards.