a treasure trove in Valpolicella

  • Floral scents, a sinuous tactility, and an evident vocation to make dry wines from raisined grapes are the most successful aspects in this very distinctive terroir.

    – Paolo Morganti and Sandro Sangiorgi, L’Amarone della Valpolicella

    Illasi is located in Valpolicella, in the oldest vine-growing area of Italy, east of Verona.

    This particularly picturesque town is unique for its wine production: its ancient geological conformation, of morainal and stony composition, enables excellent drainage of rainfall, while its southern exposure ensures excellent solar irradiation. The well-balanced difference in day and night-time temperatures, and the air currents coming down through the Lessinian mountains are beneficial for the cultivation of the vine as well as for the partial drying of the grapes.

    We have been cultivating traditional grapes in a natural way in this very distinctive terroir since 1924, and with organic certification for over 20 years. Our estate consists of 22 hectares of vineyards and 6 hectares of olive groves, extending to the top of the hill, at an average altitude of 200 metres above sea level.

    a story founded on tradition

    Since 1924, the Trabucchi Company has undergone both material and immaterial transformation.

    The original wine-making cellar, built of stone under the 19th century villa, has been replaced by a new winery built in 2002. It is certainly one of the most outstanding and original feats of engineering, due to the specific techniques adopted in its contruction.

    The structure consists of three floors below ground, connected to the previous cellar by a tunnel, and built in order to add approximately 3000m2 of additional space to the previous facilities with practically zero environmental impact. Further space was added in the form of a new facility for appassimento (the partial drying of the grapes), a workshop, and storage for agricultural machinery. The lowest floor in the winery is at 20 metres below ground level.

    Above the top floor of the winery there is the vineyard, cultivated to help provide appropriate thermal insulation: due to the depth in the subsoil, good temperature insulation is ensured, as well as protection from outside noise and vibrations, guaranteeing ideal conditions for ageing.

    The separation of the berries from the bunch and subsequent processing has been implemented using a range of new equipment, which, whilst safeguarding the wholeness of the grapes, helps to sort and select them and to control the fermentation process.

    a story founded on tradition

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    fine wines via organic viticulture

  • All activities are carried out directly by the Trabucchi family with the collaboration of the oenologist Franco Bernabei.
    Utmost quality is the philosophy of our Company.

    Each vineyard is managed on the basis of its uniqueness and specific interaction with the surrounding environment, with the aim of achieving the most appropriate physiological balance in the vines.
    There are some fifty analytical phases in the quality-control process from grape to wine, from scrupulous bunch selection and low yields, harvested exclusively by hand, to srupulous attention to all processes carried out in the winery.

    Our efforts are devoted to revealing, in our wines – with pristine neatness and freshness – the depth and the quality of the fragrances of this land, in an unmistakeable and quintessentially personal way.